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24.41 million

527,829 km2

Males: 50.33%, Females: 49.67%

Our partners

  • Participation for the Community Foundation - PCF Yemen

    We are non-governmental multi-sectoral development foundation, based in the country’s capital, Sana'a. PCFYemen are dedicated to designing and implementing a package of community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, expand economic opportunity and empower women and youth, using our knowledge and experience to change preconceived behaviors that originate at the local level which can significantly reduce extreme poverty. Meanwhile, we also deliver emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters and help people rebuild their lives.

    Our vision is "building up a proficient community where women and youth are empowered economically and socially towards a better and secure life".

    Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in Yemen and promote innovative solutions to facilitate lasting change by:

    • Strengthening the capacity for self-help

    • Providing economic opportunity

    • Being a reliable partner to end poverty

    • Empowering women and youth at all levels

    We customize and implement programs that target the poorest people in the poorest communities in the country. We mainly focus on the poorest regions where the needs are greatest. Empowering women and Youth is a key priority within our ‘livelihoods’ programs. Meanwhile, we also help women and families improve their household income through increased access to financial and non-financial services, participation in village savings, market linkages and diversified livelihoods.

  • The 3rd Eye for Information & Development

    TEFID is a non-profit organization working to serve and develop the community through its information and development objectives. Its projects are implemented by the departments of information and development. Its members consist of 11 specialists and experts in the field of media and development. On 12th November 2012, TEFID formed an independent alliance of women groups in Yemen. It aims at empowering women and addressing and supporting their issues.

    Third Eye Foundation for Information & Development (TEFID) has the center for languages and media training which was established in 2008. It is the first in Yemen working in the field of media training. It has trained a number of young people in the field of media with distinction and well proven scientific applications. This has enabled the center to achieve good status and reputation to allow young people who have been trained and volunteering to be employed in a number of media outlets.  

    The center operates, through its motto, to open up to the world for effective and fruitful relations in the field of information training and rehabilitation in partnership with local, regional or international institutions.

  • AWAM Cultural & Development Foundation

    Awan Foundation is an independent and non-profitable organization established in 2008. It is interested in issues of development, culture, democracy and human rights in Yemen. It seeks to contribute actively to efforts aimed at attaining sustainable development in Yemen. Our vision is represented in our commitment to spreading issues of culture, development and democracy and bringing attention to sustainable development programs. We are working to build capacities and roles of community members in the areas of culture, development, democracy and human rights, to establish social awareness for women's issues and encouraging their efforts and participation in different field of developments. Meanwhile, we are working to build capacities of disadvantaged groups and people of special need and integrating them into the development process.

  • Tanwa'a Foundation for Rights and Freedoms

    Tanwa'a Foundation for Rights and Freedoms is a local NGO created by CCYRC (Coordination Council of The Revolution Youth of Change) as one of its youth organizations. CCYRC is the biggest and most effect Yemeni independent youth network in Yemen and played key role during the Yemeni peaceful revolution sparked at the beginning of 2011.


    Also, CCYRC played key roles during the transitional phase of Yemen since many of its members, leaders and consultants are engaged in leading the National Dialogue committee and new constitution draft.
    The aims of Tanwa for rights and freedoms organization is to promote human rights and democracy attitudes in Yemen through many activities related to humanitarian works and empower youth and women.

    Tanwa for rights and freedoms (TRF) had many humanitarian activities since 2011 till now, where it was very important in the humanitarian relief activities for displaced people in conflict areas in Sana’a, Hajja and Sada'a and by raising humanitarian reports.

    Also TRF has led many training courses that aimed to empower youth and women activists and to prepare them to participate in the transactional phase of Yemen.

  • My Vision Foundation for Development

    My Vision Foundation is a developmental foundation dedicated toward social development through training and rehabilitation of the most influential category of upbringing individuals in the community (fathers – mothers – teachers). It aims at building their capacities and empowering them with specific skills and instruments in order to, actively, plays their role in the upbringing of a generation capable of raising their home country from stagnation, defeatism and being swept along with extremist movements. Therefore to succeed in our projects, the responsible persons are keen to find specialized programs and activities that target these categories through qualified and experienced persons. Our vision is to be pioneers and distinctive in developing and activating the role of the individual to build a civilized society in behavior and performance.

    My Vision Foundation endeavors to create specific developments in our Yemeni society through constructive programs and activities that would promote the individual's performance to participate, efficiently, in building the country of Yemen