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10.89 million

163,610 km2

Males: 49.98%, Females: 50.02%

Our partners

  • Youth Without Borders (YWB)

    Youth Without Borders (YWB) is a non-profit Tunisian non-governmental organization created in 2011 by a group of 11 young individuals with different specialties and with great enthusiasm to participate actively in the process of democratic change that occurred after the revolution.

    The main objective of YWB is the contribution in developing and consolidating the values of active citizenship, fostering the national identity among the youth and helping the youth integrate into civil society.

    YWB acts toward the development of youth skills in several areas such as economics, politics and culture.

    Thanks to the strategic partnership with several actors of national and international civil society, YWB operates on three main axes: observation of national and international elections, electoral education, with particular focus on women and youth, leadership trainings as well as youth capacity building.

    YWB also organized several actions of civic awareness and advocacy to local authorities in addition to many humanitarian convoys and charitable caravans in order to help citizens affected by natural disasters in some disadvantaged areas of Tunisia.

  • Association of Continuity of Generations (ACG)

    The Association of Continuity of Generations (ACG) was originally established in Sfax, Tunisia in 2009 as a non-governmental organization.

    Our mission is to work on building and strengthening youth capacities’ and their professional integration. ACG aims to improve the inter-generational communication and improve the conditions of their citizens.

    Our main objectives are:

    - Strengthen the dialogue and continuity of generations

    - Educate children and young people to promote civic behavior

    - Public awareness of maintaining a healthy social environment

    Our approach is to work in partnership with other components of civil society, business associations and private and public institutions. ACG is also a founder of three networks of association Tunwet Network, Federation of environmental associations and E-Mediat Tunisia Network.

    Facebook page:     www.facebook.com/acg.generations

  • Tounissiet Association

    Tounissiet Association was launched in May 2011 in Tunis, after the Tunisian revolution, as a non-governmental and nonprofit organization. Tounissiet has a team of more than 20 volunteers with a number of employees. Tounissiet extended its network and was established in many regions of the country.

    Tounissiet has a mission to strengthen the role of Tunisian woman in development efforts and adopt a participative approach to reach its objectives.

    Tounissiet works on:

    -   reinforcing the role of Tunisian woman in society.

    -   strengthening the capacities of the woman and enhance her contribution to building a modern society.

    -   boost the values of citizenship among women through encouraging volunteer work.

    -   promote female entrepreneurship and encourage women to play an active role in decision-making.

    -   Identify the main concerns of women in rural areas and help provide solutions.


    Facebook page:    www.facebook.com/AssociationTounissiet


  • Tunisian Youth Development Academy (TYDA)

    Tunisian Youth Development Academy (TYDA) is a Non-Governmental Organization. It is a national independent development association whose visa was published in the official gazette in June 25, 2011.

    TYDA caters toward human development by training Tunisian youth to improve their knowledge, skills, social experience and the value of citizenship. 

    TYDA aims at scheduling training cycles, activities and projects to develop young people’s cognitive skills.

    Our main objectives are: 

    - To promote the notion of initiative, solidarity and volunteering with Tunisian youth.

    - To improve youth contribution in the programs of development

    - To enhance the culture of citizenship and human rights.

    - To glorify the value of tolerance, discussion and respect between Tunisian youth. 


    Website:                    www.ajtd.org

    Facebook page:         www.facebook.com/A.J.T.D.Tunisie

  • Youth and Skills Association

    The “youth and skills association” was established in April 10th 2011. It is a national non-governmental association which is working to achieve the main following objectives:

    1- Support the culture of empowering young people and provide them with the necessary skills to enhance confidence in them and positive, constructive interaction with their surroundings.

    2- Provide a cultural environment appropriate to the needs of Tunisian youth, enabling them to practice the mechanisms of positive and constructive thinking, creativity and initiative.

    3- Make a contribution in fortifying young people against the culture of isolation, exclusion and extremism.

    Youth and skills association is working to develop the skills and the capacities of the youth, to create an atmosphere of interaction between different social categories and contribute to spreading and enhancing the culture of ‘ability and success’.  Youth and skills association is specialized in training courses named “the skills of success in a changing world”.

    Facebook page:      www.facebook.com/youthandskills

  • Association Future Generations (AGF)

    The Association Future Generations (AGF) is an independent Tunisian association founded on February 15th, 2012 on the initiative of a group of young people. AGF is active in the field of youth action relating to social, cultural and educational areas.

    The objective of AGF consists of the development of youth skills and the enhancement of their national belonging and their relationship with state institutions.

    The association aims also, to spread the values ​​of equality, independence, transparency, communication, pluralism and democratic participation.

    FB link : https://www.facebook.com/AGF.TN