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6.459 million

89,342 km2

Males: 51.08%, Females: 48.92%

Our partners

  • Motivators Foundation (MOTIVE)

    A Jordanian Nonprofit company which focuses on managing trainings, consultations, project management, support and technical assistance to national and regional development projects, public and private agencies engaged in community and organizational development. MOTIVE is registered under the umbrella of the Jordanian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

    Motivator’s foundation (MOTIVE) believes Youth and Women empowerment will contribute to a prosperous future for Jordan.

    The founding partners of MOTIVE have profound and extensive experience in working with stakeholders (Communities, Governmental Organizations, NGO's, CBO's, Donors and Media).

    In this capacity, MOTIVE benefit from the experiences of its team in areas related to human rights, empowering women and youth, capacity building training, community development, poverty alleviation, advocacy, adult education and rural development . These activities were implemented in cooperation with different technical and financial cooperation agencies such as SIDA , USAID, Swiss Fund, Canada Fund, GIZ, Ministry of Planning and international cooperation (MOPIC) , Ministry of social development (MOSD) , Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Families Development Association (FDA)

    FDA was founded with an initiative by Mrs. Muyassar Al-Sa'adi, who was recognized by the United Nations on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty in 1998, with the aim of raising the status of women and empowering them by increasing their awareness about their rights and preparing them to participate in the workforce to enhance their roles in the family and society and guarantees them a decent life.

  • Chechen Welfare Society For Women (CWSC)

    The Chechen Women Charity institute, located in Swieleh, established in 1981, continues to be engaged in development and rights programs, serving children, women and youth in the Swieleh district. The education arm of the society serves children and employs (14) members from the local community and 4 volunteers.

    The institute’s vision is a community center where women, children and youth are healthy and are a part of the development of their country. The Societies mission is to enable them to build their knowledge and skills, through cooperation with the community.

  • Young Women's Christian Association – Fuheis (YWCA)

    The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) aims to raise volunteer work to serve Jordanian women and enhance the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among members, without distinction of religion, race, sex, and to create distinctive initiatives to serve the community and contribute to improving the quality of life within the values and ethic frameworks of Jordanian society

    The WYCA is looking forward to the future to attract the largest possible number of young women to take over activities of the association to ensure continuity of serving the community in which it is located.

  • Arab Women Association (AWO)

    The Arab Women Organization of Jordan (AWO) has been working for the recognition of women's rights since 1970. It has carried out developmental programs and projects to end discrimination and violence against women and contributed to women political participation in line with the UN conventions and international and regional instruments. The values and principles of human rights, especially gender equality and social justice are the core issues of almost all its programs that are implemented together with grassroots women NGOs to maintain dignified and sustainable livelihoods in the local communities.

  • All Jordan Youth Commission (AJYC)

    The All Jordan Youth Commission, an affiliate of the King Abdullah II Fundfor Development, was established in response to the recommendation of the All Jordan Youth Forum held at the Dead Sea under royal patronage on September 12, 2006.

    The All Jordan Youth Commission  vision:

    A knowledgeable Jordanian youth, empowered democratically and economically, believing in the values of dialogue and acceptance of others, able to effectively participate in public life and contribute to the comprehensive development of an institutional civil state ruled by a constitution and the law.