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82.07 million

1,002,450 km2

Male: 50.21%, Female: 49.79%

Our partners

  • National Development Foundation (NDF)

    The National Development Foundation - NDF is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to benefit all people within the state of Egypt, with a focus on community and individual development. The foundation has worked in multiple governorates within Egypt but holds a particular focus on areas where the population happens to be marginalised or is in need of the most help. NDF places emphasises on methods of community participation as an effective means of improving the lives and living conditions of those people it works with, and seeks to include and consult local institutions and civil society at every point so as to achieve lasting and sustainable development. NDF’s vision imagines a well-informed, capable and empowered citizenry with the ability to provide for themselves and their communities, as well as inspire positive and sustainable change for the state of Egypt.

    NDF works within multiple fields, its operations and efforts seeking to alleviate multiple prevalent concerns within Egypt, which include: 

    - Socio-economic development.

    - Socio-political development. 

    - Youth empowerment.

    - Women’s rights and empowerment. 

    - Advocacy.

    - Participatory planning and management.

    Currently NDF is operating as the main umbrella organization in Egypt for the WPC Regional Programm - HEYA.

  • El-Kalaa “Citadel” Charity Association for Society Development

    El-Kalaa “citadel” Charity Association for Society Development began in 1989. El Kalaa Society is a voluntary non-profit organization, working to find comprehensive and sustainable development for the people of the East District of Alexandria by using community participation strategies and the provision of health, social, cultural, educational services, economic development, environmental and consumer protection based on the principles of transparency and accountability.

    In 1995, we changed our strategy from social assistance to the development of society. Our headquarters was built on a part of land donated by the people of the region in which we included all the activities of the organization, including a vocational training center for carpentry work to serve the people of the region, a nursery and a sewing training center for girls who had dropped out of school plus a women’s club and a lecture room.

    In 2003, El Kalaa started a project of non-interest micro loaning for women headed by households and serious young people until the year 2006.

    We've made a specialized study in 2004 aimed to introduce a diet for the children of the nursery and give them hot meals daily to work on limiting the increase in anemia among those children.

  • Women's and Development Association

    Women's and Development Association originated in the year 2000 and has a consultative status with the United Nations.

    We work toward a better life and a more conscious and stable society that is committed to justice, equality and human dignity without discrimination between human beings.

    Women and Development Association NGO in Alexandria seeks community development through research and studies, seminars, conferences and networking to adopt the issues of advocacy and lobbying for the development of awareness of the issues of development in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations and international bodies. WDA works in accordance with the jurist integrative development approach, taking into account the gender of the Assembly and its goals and activities.

    Our local partners are: (Forum of Women Development - Enterprise National Development - CARE - The Egyptian Center for Human Rights - Center for Women's Issues). From Cairo and Alexandria associations (Family Planning – shorok El  Islam - Elsalam – Om Elnoor - Caritas - Sidi Ali Sammak). Elbehera (Association for the Defense of social). Kafr El-Sheikh (Business Women's Association). The West (Center for Justice and Law) The government (National Council for Women - the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood - the National Council of the population - and the Ministry of local Development - Ministry of Health - The Ministry of social Affairs - manpower - Education - media - Interior).

    Implemented efforts with the support of donors (GIZ - Karama - UNICEF - Save the Children - Social Fund - USAID - Agency for International Development).


  • Association for the Advancement of Women, Children and Environment

    Association for the Advancement of Women, Children and Environment is an NGO set up in 2005 for the purpose of maternity and childhood care and the preservation of the environment as well as social assistance.


    AAWCE’s objectives since 2011 is to direct attention to the empowerment of women politically, economically, socially and their access to some of the basic life skills that help them to contest public life in order to serve their community.


    The association is implementing a project called "to raise awareness of women in Egypt in the themes of human rights and citizenship" which started in  February 2014 in collaboration with the “KHADAMAT” Center for Development, Shehab Foundation for development, and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development.

  • Association of the Advancement of Education

    Association of the Advancement of Education is an influential and active entity in the cultural and developmental context at the Egyptian and regional levels which leads to the creation of a new generation to be aware of their civil and political rights. The Association works on the Advancement of education to improve the framework of culture for young people at the Egyptian and regional levels through a package of programs and projects that adopt human rights into the developmental curriculum for the dissemination of the culture of civic education and citizenship. This results in the active participation in the public policy making process. Association of the Advancement of Education is the first NGO in Egypt which is responsible for working within the public school system through the cooperation protocols of the Ministry of Education.

    The association aims to promote democracy and human rights culture in schools and youth centers in Egypt and the Arab world and spread a culture of citizenship, tolerance and acceptance of others among the different classes of people by adopting a package of programs that works to maximize these values.

    Association of the Advancement of Education Aims and Goals:

    1. Adoption of direct intervention projects that contribute to the development of the education process at the pre-university education level.

    2. Implementation of the projects that increase the potential to take advantage of the opportunities available to girls' education and reduce dropout rates.

    3. Conducting research and studies, seminars and conferences tackling the educational system.

    4. Discussing educational policies and expressing opinions and scientific advice toward them.

    5. Establish relations of cooperation and coordination between the executive and scientific institutions and civil society organizations concerned with the development of the      educational system in Egypt.

  • Abo Bakr El Sedik

    Abo Bakr El Sedik for developing the society and protection of the environment was launched in the year 2003 as a non-governmental organization.

    The important projects and the activities of the charity

    - Collection and getting rid of the rubbish.

    - Raising the awareness of the health and the rights of begetting.

    - Social aids with the charity of the Egyptian bank of food.

    - Making courses for memorization of the Holy Qur’an

    - Workshop for sewing for girls to the ministry of Social Interests

    - Company marketing.

    - “Together we can change our society” project.

    - Employment of youth at the Initiatives of Erasing Illiteracy financed from the Social Fund for Development with a grant from the European Union.