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Seminars and Roundtable Discussions

  • Over the course of the HEYA program, meetings, seminars and roundtable discussions will be held to facilitate productive discussions and debates over women’s projected future roles in parliamentary roles and policy reform.
  • These seminars and roundtable discussions will not only be a result of extended networking, but will also form the basis for future professional relationships to blossom and bloom. By sitting down with current political heads, women leaders and public figures, substantial connections with people of influence can have a massive impact on achieving real, positive change with regard to women’s active participation in political affairs.
  • The roundtable discussions and seminars will also function as a space for women participants, along with women leaders and political figures, to exchange ideas on current issues across the MENA region. This is a vital step to help women who have shown an interest and zeal, as well as a good aptitude, in politics to integrate themselves within the political sphere.
  • These national seminars will primarily be held at the national universities where more focus of the subject matter, such as giving women more opportunities to be in a political position of power to have their voices heard and evoke change, toward their target audience of young, educated, likeminded adults who too share the same ideals as the HEYA program.