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Media Campaign

Reaching Audience

To help reach a wider audience which is essential to help deliver the cause of the HEYA program, efforts will be made with the assistance of our media team to upload and broadcast as much content related to the HEYA program’s objectives. This will include a series of documentaries detailing the training workshops, the progress of the HEYA program and the impact it had had on the lives of the female participants and the people around them.

The main source of media attention that will be utilized by the five NGO partners will be our YouTube channel that has been set up by the AID-MENA team. Social media is as popular as ever with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube especially with the younger demographic. This ties in perfectly with the HEYA program which has aimed at specifically targeting young female adults.

Publishing & Broadcasting

Once all media programs have been documented and filmed, they will be made available through podcasting that can be viewed through 6 separate online forums along with HEYA’s own website.

Along with the videos that AID-ME will upload for public viewing, either through its YouTube channel or its Facebook page or online website, there will also be national media campaigns to broadcast the regional campaign as well as several documentary films.

Documentary Films

Each documentary film will be produced and filmed by the participants of the HEYA program and will aim to highlight a specific issue in each of the participating countries, whether it is with regard to the health problems, or the failures in education. These documentaries are intended to show a woman populations viewpoint on political subject matter and how a higher percentage of females in parliamentary positions can serve to help offer alternate opinions and ideas on how to tackle such problems.