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Capacity Building Component

HEYA Capacity Building plan is aimed for the participating lead NGOs staff and female leaders in order to increase their skills to ensure more proper participation on governance and public policy areas in order to play an equal role with men in societal affairs. By doing so, this will help implementing parties in setting more effective institutional setups and operational plans and procedures to ensure its financial and technical capacity. The main emphases are on policymaking and policy monitoring governance and public policy area as a key factor for objectives’ achievements.

The total number of targeted trainees is 3,900 through various training programs designed and developed to serve the goals and objectives of the HEYA Program during the three years implementation.

The four main training modules are as follows

  • 1

    Policy Analysis and Policy Monitoring (Module A & Module B)

    • Understanding the advantages of and barriers to effective human social and political cooperation
    • Acquiring a framework for formulating and evaluating appropriate objectives, defined in terms of justice or fairness
    • Mastering analytical tools useful for evaluating public policies and programs in terms of their absolute and comparative efficacy in achieving given social objectives
    • Bringing policy principles and tools into practical application for decision making
    • Ensure that new policies are successfully implemented
    • Reinforce the policy goals with community officials
    • Assess how well the policy is being managed and enforced
    • Recognize policy success milestones
    • Periodically update and amend a policy as required
  • 2

    Participatory Action Research

    • What is participatory action research?
    • Background and history
    • Features of participatory rabid appraisal
    • PRA versus other research methods
    • PAR tools
    • PAR and the policy cycle
    • Practical training on PAR
  • 3

    Building Resource In Democracy Governance and Election (BRIDGE) (Introduction to electoral Process & Training the Facilitators) www.bridge-project.org

    • Introduction to Election
    • Electoral Systems
    • Voter Registration
    • Gender and elections
    • Post-election Activities
  • 4

    Capacity Building for Partner NGOs

    • Planning
    • Management skills
    • Monitoring skills
    • IT training
    • Accounting and finance