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The Women Policy Center (WPC) or as known by “HEYA PROGRAM” is a regional program funded by the Swedish International Development cooperation Agency (SIDA) and implemented by the Academy for International Development - Middle East and North Africa (AID-MENA) in order to increase women’s active participation in public spheres in the MENA region for sustainable and gender equitable changes in policies and practices. The HEYA intends to address and tackle a focal problem that has been leading to rising levels of women disempowerment and a lack of participation in social, economic and political spheres in the MENA region.

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HEYA Timeline

The HEYA program is expected to span for a duration of three years (2013-2016) in which the program will be jointly implemented with five partner national non-governmental organizations in five separate countries in the MENA region; in addition to the Arab Federation for Youth and Civic Participation as an association partner. The five countries the program is set to take place in are; Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen and Jordan, which have common characteristics such as strong confessional backgrounds, sectarian and tribal identities and cultural norms. These characteristics define the social fabric of each community and country, which adversely impact on women’s roles in these countries.

“In different sectors, when women take charge of something, they proved their achievements and being equal with men”

Dr. Khaled El Kelada,
the Jordanian Minster for Political and parliamentary affairs

Heya Staff and Experts

Mr. Ahmed A.Wahed

Mr. Ahmed A.Wahed WPC Program Manager, AID-MENA Chairman Staff and Experts

Key qualifications: MA Governance and Development, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Sussex ... more

Mrs. Manal M. Samra

Mrs. Manal M. Samra WPC National Coordinator - Egypt Staff and Experts

Manal Samra holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, and specialized in Development in ... more

Mr. Ahmed EL Assal

Mr. Ahmed EL Assal WPC Regional Field Officer Staff and Experts

Ahmed El Assal is the Regional Programs Officer at the Academy for International Development - Mi ... more

Mr. Ahmed Allouch

Mr. Ahmed Allouch WPC National Coordinator - Tunisia Staff and Experts

Ahmed is Founding member and Vice-president, "Youth Without Borders as well as the Tunisian ... more

Ms. May  Hassan

Ms. May Hassan Program Assistant Staff and Experts

May Hassan is a Program Assistant at the Academy for International Development – Middle Eas ... more

Mr. Ahmed El Masry

Mr. Ahmed El Masry WPC National Coordinator - Yemen Staff and Experts

Ahmed Al-Masri is National Coordinator at the Academy for International Development - Middle East ... more

Mrs. Safa  Halaseh

Mrs. Safa Halaseh WPC National Coordinator - Jordan Staff and Experts

Twenty-two years’ of experience in planning and implementing urban and rural development in ... more